Book Title
Summary(3 sentencis)-Beginning-Middle-End
Teachers Initials
1. Nature's Children OWLS
Elin Kelsey
In the beginning of the book it tells about the parts of the owl. in The middle of the book it tells you about how owls hunt and eat. And at the end of the book it tells you about baby owls and owls growm and growing up.
NRM 10-1
2. Nature Children's Hawks
Merebeth Switzer
In the beginning of the book it tells you about kinds of hawks. In the middle of the book it tells you about how hawks hunt and eat. And at the end it tells you about baby hawks and how they grow up.
NRM 10-1
3. Mr.Popper's Penguins
Richard and Florence Atwater
In the beginning the book he gets a penguin from Admiral Drake , by sending him a fan letter, and calls him Captain Cook. In the middle of the book he gets another penguin and names it Greta Then Capt. Cook and Greta mate and have more penguins than usual. Then Mr.Popper starts a performing group called "Popper's Preforming Penguins" and gets paid a WHOPPING!!!!! $5,000 a week. At the end of the book he meets Admiral Drake and Mr.Popper has to give the penguins back but then he gets to go with them.
NRM 10-1

handed in on paper

10. Diary of a Wimpy Kid
Jeff Kinney
Greg Heffley gets a diary and spends his time writing about his life in it. He is very lazy and ignorant. He tries to impress girls at his school, especially Holly Hills. He goes on "adventures" with his friend Rowley Jefferson.
NRM 1-2
11. Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Ugly Truth
Jeff Kinney
Greg Heffley goes through these awkward changes in life. Greg is trying to do his best to fight through the changes. Will he be able to stand it? How will he cooperate with the changes?
NRM 1-2
12. Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Third Wheel
Jeff Kinney
Greg Heffley's school has a Valentines dance coming up. So this makes Greg do everything he can to impress the girls. He asks a lot of girls but they all ready have a date. Will Greg find a date to go to the dance?
NRM 1-2
13. Isle of the Swords
Wayne Thomas Batson
Captain Declane Ross tries to free his daughter and him from the privacy buisness. Bartholomew Thorne wants to eliminate Ross and whoever gets in his way off the legendary treasure. This story is full of action and adventure.
NRM 1-2
14. The Best Christmas Pageant Ever
Barbara Robinson
The Herdman kids are the worstest kids in history. They're violent, they smoke (even the girls), and tease other people. When The Herdmans tryout for the Christmas pageant, they all get a main role and everybody else is an angle that sings. What will happen when the BAD kids take over the pageant?
NRM 2/5
15. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Roald Dahl
Willy Wonka's famous chocolate factory is opening at last, and only five lucky children will be allowed inside. Not only do they get to go inside, but they also get a LIFE TIME SUPPLY OF CHOCOLATE!!!!! But what they find is even wilder than any of the wild rumors they've heard!
NRM 2/5
16. Everest: The Contest
Gordon Korman
Four winners train hard for a challenging quest. They will race each other to the of Mount Everest. They meet fierce obstacles as they get higher on the mountain.
NRM 2/5